Palika Bazaar Market in Delhi

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Location                             Near Connaught Place, New Delhi
Timings                              Sunday Closed
Attractions                        Reasonably Priced Goods


There are about 390 shops in Palika Bazaar that sell out various varieties of items. Major thing about Palika bazaar is that the domination here is of clothing and electronics in this market. This bazaar was established in the end of 1970s, but as a number of new shopping malls and branded showrooms have been opened all around Delhi that has lead to the decline in the number of customers in this market consequently in about 1980s.

As per the estimation about Palika Bazaar can have around 15,000 population in its confinement at the same time and it is also one of the famous attraction for foreign tourists. This place is well-known for items at very cheap prices. Palika Bazaar, howsoever, also do have a good name for the widely available prohibited items like stolen goods, fake designer products, pirated CDs, software, movies and pornography. Most often raids are conducted by Police on regular basis in order to rescue pirated or stolen commodities, but nothing has been able to end the prohibited activities in about Palika bazaar.