Bomb Blast in Palika Bazaar

Once was the bombing in Delhi at 13 Sept’2008 that lead to 10 human injuries, as per the information from witnesses and police  bombs were blasted in dustbins all over the Connaught Place. Another bomb blast was the one in the Central Park close to the Connaught Place. 2 unexploded bombs were also found here once by the Delhi authorities, 1 at Regal cinema complex, Connaught Place in response of which all dustbins were deprived off from that place for the sake of security.


Redevelopment Plans

In late 2000, Connaught Place has bygone the much previous grandeur, inspite of which the market still appeals to fascinate number of visitors. As its current 'Return to heritage Project', the NDMC, (New Delhi Municipal Council) is looking forward to redevelop and revamp the contended milestone of the capital. The layout of it comprises to look after of the estate sensitive signatures, reengineering of the drainage sewerage, roads,  substations and water supply, actualization of the plan of managing traffic, maintainence of street furniture comprising of walkways, parking slots etc., and improving of the construction steadiness of all fabrications that would include refitting for the resistance of earthquake.


The reestablishing feat was assumed to be over by the time for ‘2010 Commonwealth Games’ that were held at capital, while because of the invading of large amount of money and undue set backs, this work failed to meet the deadline. According to the Auditor General  and Controller of India, the Performance Audit Report made on the 2010 Commonwealth Games, revealed that it was due to the "significant deficiencies in contract management, with consequent avoidable expenditure". Furthermore, the delays and mismanagement created big disturbance to the shop-owners and the shoppers that resulted into the reduction in bussiness.


This renovation work again started post the 2010 Commonwealth Games, and is undergoing with complete flow and speed these days in order to be completed on December 2012, its new deadline.

United Buddy Bears, the exclusive ‘international art project’ all over the globe was introduced in the capital - New Delhi at Connaught Place in 2012, summer.