Connaught Place

 The design of the building of Connaught place is based on the well structured and well planned style of Victoria that was propagated by the ‘Royal Crescent’, Bath in England. Connaught place is commonly known as CP is considered as the central area for shopping in the capital city. It was made in the year 1931 and since then is the centre for trade in Delhi. The allure of CP fascinates all people for entertaining themselves and their eagerness to shop around the place. The shops and sub markets of CP are made around the outer and inner circle. The idea was that this kind of structure which is circular will be salutary for shoppers as well as the shopkeepers. The evocative Connaught place  is presently known to be ‘Rajiv Chowk’. There are mostly wide showrooms as shops for bussiness. CP’s commercials range from a sizeable store of grocery to the showrooms of cars. The vibrant people in Connaught place (CP) add the grandeur of this prominent place. It contains most of the the main International and National banks branches and also the emporiums of various states and offices of operators of tours. Connaught place is off on sundays .