Janpath Market

Here is Janpath Market, one of the most phenomenon place that is much popular among the natives of delhi and people going on low budget. In the starting of ninetees, Janpath was known as the Queen’s Way. Generally, it is a road that joins Lodi Road to CP. Janpath Market is filled with liveliness and vitality. Janpath has been attracting foreigners from a number of years in Delhi. Janpath is situated in Connaught Place, that is the centre for travelers and foreigners. An absolute Market  to buy the trendy and latest goods of fashion, Unbelievable rates and quality, these days who guarantees. Sometimes foreigners exceed the number of Indians in the market, Janpath is so popular in terms of travellers.

Either one is planning to to explore or for just shopping , one is going to enjoy it surely. Janpath, situated near CP in the centre of the capital, is exclusively vibrant, exotic and crowded that makes it so particular for the travelers. Crucially, Janpath meaning -"people's path”, main road that links the Lodhi Gardens and Connaught place. While this place is mostly known for market on the street that contains shops around hundreds in numbers, neither of them is very big one, made on the boundary of the pavement, that have all types of colorful  shoes, clothes, Indian artefacts’,  jewelleries, gift items and carpets. Delhi trip is incomplete if one has has not visited Janpath. One more advantage of visiting the place anytime one wishes is that there are a number of hotels situated in Janpath at just a walking distance.