Shopping in Palika Bazaar

Name it and you will get it in Palika Bazaar – whether it is clothes, nighties, scents, electronic devices and their accompaniments, or even your CDs and DVDs, everything is right there at Palika Bazaar. In case you want to buy those small trinkets to carry back to your people as a reminder of the market and your trip there, you can find it all here under one roof. As long as you can talk and convince the shopkeepers, you can ensure you get a good deal on products.

By default, the shopkeepers will put up an exorbitantly high price on the products and you will have talk your way to them to reduce the prices. There are a lot of small eateries at the market and it is better to get somebody who knows the place inside out accompany you as you could lose your way in the extensive market area.  However, in recent times, since the mall culture is catching up, lesser and lesser people are visiting the Palika Bazaar.